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Help give clean water to people who don’t have it. Join our campaign Water from the Arts

This is easy to answer.

Without clean water artists would die. There would be no one to paint, sing, dance or tell stories.
Without clean water, audiences would die. There would be no one to look at the art that someone [...]

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This is a post for Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change.
A few years ago, I wrote a post for Blog Action Day presenting ideas for creating art in more environmentally friendly ways – Making Art Without Unmaking the Environment. Art supplies and other byproducts of our work is notoriously toxic. Just like businesses [...]

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Blog Action Day harnesses the power of thousands of blogs to simultaneously address a single important issue on one day. This mass attention, from the many different vantage points and passions bloggers write from, gives the issue new resonance with readers, and can spark discussions about the importance of the issues and actions we [...]

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Earlier in the week, for Blog Action Day I wrote Making Art Without Unmaking the Environment. Today I found this related post, about eco-friendly textiles, which I hadn’t included.
Read the post on the Feather and Fan blog.

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This post is part of Blog Action Day.
(Outside the norm, today’s post has intermixed store links to more easily show environmentally friendly art tools and materials.)
Art is still mostly a hand made thing. As most things hand-made, materials of the craft used to be natural – wood, clay, marble and natural pigments. But [...]