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Art is useless.
A woman spins in circles for hours every day, every day for years of her life. Then she spins on a platform and yells at people “Look at me!!” and asks for money because she’s so good at it.
A man makes brown dots on a piece of paper over and over, layer after layer of brown dots, hours upon hours, days upon days and years and years of making brown dots. Then he dies, no one having ever seen any of the dots, except the Super who throws them away.
If this clearly isn’t obsessive compulsive disorder, I don’t know what is.

So then we all gather round to see what these crazy people wasted all their time on. Hey when are you getting a real job?!
We give them a little money because they’re amusing, but mostly we just think they’re harmless so we ignore them until we need a lift.

Unless of course you’re Hitler or Lenin or Mao Zedong, in which case the artists are the first to go, because you know where the danger lies.

From music to painting, to dance and architecture, writing and cinema, sculpture and theatre, to new mediums and combinations no one has imagined, crazy obsessive people from every corner of the globe are creating artwork about the world as it is today. Maybe you care about it maybe you won’t.

I mean really, you are busy. There are more important things to think about. It’s hard enough to go to work, get food on the table, take care of your family and rest, how is there time for something so frivolous as art?

Because sometimes
Beauty is more important than efficiency.
Curiosity and amazement are more important than finishing tasks.
And exploring who you are and what your culture might become helps humanity evolve.

Most societies don’t like you to think that. It’s bad for the economy.

You don’t know whether these insane people will waste your precious time or completely change your life, give you a crappily made lump or exquisitely crafted masterpiece, make you curl into a sad ball pondering all your mistakes or make you laugh until your stomach cramps.
You will never know
Unless you find them
and jump in.

Who are you people?
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I thought artists didn’t believe in money.

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posted 08.28.2007