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There is so much writing in the world, so much crap to slog through in an already hectic life. For a long time I thought adding another blog to the world would just add more noise.

But I’m an artist and I love art. For a long time, through various incarnations – dreams of radio and TV, print and online – I’ve wanted to share all the great work I see and hear. And I wanted to investigate why it’s important.

The same question about any new blog is the same as for any new piece of art. For the person looking on, Why is it here? Why should I care?

In a busy world with so much to do – laundry, dishes, picking up kids, working, on and on – how could you have time, why should you make time, to go watch a night of new modern dance? to see a play? to visit a gallery? to hear a band? Why should you read any blog?

posted by Trout Monfalco

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