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In the late ’80s, Czechoslovakia became a democratic state, and in 1993 peacefully separated into two countries – the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With democracy came capitalism and advertising, and with capitalism and advertising came The Hypermarket. Hypermarkets are the world’s superstores, selling shoes and spinach, pipe wrenches and pumpkins, all you would [...]

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Some of the best funk and psychedelic music ever written was created for Italian B-movies in the 1960s and 70s. This music was compiled and released by Plastic Records in Italy. I discovered them through Tower Records (of all places) who carried a single album from their catalogue – Vroommm: Funk Cinematique. [...]

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Sarolta Zalatnay, sometimes known as Cini, is a Hungarian singer who sounds like Stereolab, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Abba or Blondie, depending on what song you’re listening to and what mood you’re in. Her fashions changed as much as her musical style, but both are always energetic and daring. All totaled, her best [...]

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I loved the multi-story slides at the Tate Modern in London. I figured they were art (being an art museum and all), but I didn’t learn until later that they were sadly only temporary.
The slides were created by German artist Carsten Höller.

Learn more from Tate Modern.

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Throwing stuffed animals at each other while jumping on second hand furniture in between stripteases doesn’t count as art most of the time, even though it’s a helluva lot of fun. But Berlin choreographer Constanza Macras and company Dorky Park weave together an enticing performance that’s both fun and sexy while technically challenging. [...]