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Painted Illusions by Columbia, South Carolina Artist Blue Sky

The artist Blue Sky came to national attention with his illusion artworks, starting with Tunnelvision, a trompe l’oeil painting on the side of a building which appears to be pierced by a long tunnel, overlooking the setting sun. (The sun actually sets at the time of the real one. The artist is tight-lipped about how this is achieved.) His other well-known illusion works include:

  • Night Train, where a train appears to be coming out of a tunnel in the side of a building
  • Overflow Parking and Wall Grabbers, where parking lots continue in gravity defying directions, and
  • Levitating Dumpseter, a sculpture where people who pass by encounter a freestanding levitating dumpster with no visible means of levitation.

Even sober drivers blink and often screech to a halt as the familiar old Federal Land Bank in downtown Columbia, South Carolina comes into view. There before astonished eyes is a veritable mirage: a Tunnel hewn out of mountain rock, through which a clearly marked highway curves off to a brilliant orange sunset… The reaction to “TUNNELVISION” ranges from cheers to puzzlement. No one has tried to detour through the tunnel — yet. But there have been near crashes as motorists gawk at the phantasmagoria — apparently transfixed by the prospect of driving off into Blue Sky’s wild blue yonder.
People Magazine
February 9, 1976

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