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Do animals make art?

In this video of dolphins blowing rings and playing with them, you can’t help but notice they themselves look at them in wonder like some people look at art, and interact with them in interesting ways that lack any real purpose.  Some definitions of art boil it down to objects or performances created with no practical purpose, but only for aesthetics or the affect on the artist and other viewers.  

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posted by Trout Monfalco

Topics: Animals, Dance, Sculpture -

2 Comments to “Do animals make art?”

  1. I think it’s cool what the animals are doing, but I don’t think that it should be considered art because to create a work of art you truly need a vision or a concept, which can only be thought of by a human. But the animal art is still cute :)

  2. [...] In this post I pondered whether dolphins blowing bubble rings were a form of art.  After all they serve no purpose except aesthetic ones – the dolphins are having fun and stare at them.  So now we have this video of an elephant painting a self portrait. [...]

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