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Cornelius – Chimes Video

Japanese artist Cornelius often performs in stadiums back in Japan. So I felt lucky to see him in a venue with only about 50 other people. When I first saw the show advertised, I thought it was a mistake because it was in such a small space. Cornelius has been called “The Japanese Beck” because he has many musical influences and sometimes uses collages and samples to weave tracks together.

The show was moving, energetic and hysterical.
It was also filled with chimes (as is his latest album.)

The music and performance were fantastic, but what really made it stand out was the video. Many bands these days project video behind them as they play. Most of the time this comes off as nothing more than a dynamic light cue, or worse, the content of the video distracts or opposes what’s in the music.

Cornelius says the video is a part of the band, like any other instrument. It’s often created right along with a song, in conjunction with the sound and meaning. The result is one of the best I’ve seen combining performance and video. The shape and motion mix with the performers and sound to make something much greater than the sum of its parts. Sometimes we were all in the sky flying with birds, other times mixing with words and color. Each song had it’s own film, and each added meaning, feeling and great visual beauty to the show.

An Interview with Cornelius.

Get Cornelius or Beck.

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posted by Trout Monfalco